Custom Draperies

Draperies, curtains, window coverings…whatever you call them, you want them to match the room they’re in and the overall theme of your home in Katy, Richmond or Fulshear, TX. That’s why we offer a line of custom draperies that come in many different fabrics, colors, and patterns. These beautiful additions can be great on their own or when paired with blinds to more effectively control the light that comes into your home. In the second case, your draperies may be simply decorative.

Why Custom Draperies?

Many people wonder why you would want draperies. Aren’t blinds or shutters more effective at controlling light? One of the main advantages of having draperies is that they limit, but don’t completely block the amount of air and sunlight that comes through. You can open your windows, but leave the curtains drawn, getting some air flow into the room without losing any privacy. Draperies made from lighter materials also let some sunlight in while still obscuring the view from the outside. This is a great way of bringing natural light into a room in your Richmond, TX, home.

Custom Drapery Photos

  • curtain call interiors drapery photo
  • curtain call interiors drapery photo
  • curtain call interiors drapery photo

Draperies are also stylish. No other type of window treatment can give your room a pop of color, a touch of elegance, or actively be a part of your color scheme like draperies. Because you can have them customized to fit your home, there are not as many limits on draperies as there are on blinds or other window coverings.

Custom Draperies at a Welcome Price

If you’re looking for draperies for your Katy, TX, house, let us assist you with creating the perfect draperies. We will work with your color samples, photos, and descriptions to help you find exactly the right material for each and every room in your home. While you may still want to use mini-blinds with your curtains, you don’t want to skip over what can be a unique and important part of your décor.

Client Testimonial

“Selections of window treatments, accessories, etc. were very pleasing and achieved what I wanted for my home.”
Gloria W.