Custom Florals

Adding flowers to your home in Katy, Richmond or Fulshear, TX, is a great way to make it feel inviting. But dealing with live flowers can be a chore, especially when they aren’t in season. Buying them from a florist gets expensive quickly, so why not go with a custom floral? We have a number of these florals that never need much care or attention. They’re always green and beautiful — just give them a quick dusting every now and then. Of course, we have a wide variety of different designs and options so that no matter what your home looks like, we’re sure to be able to put together a custom floral that fits right in.

Florals Have Come a Long Way

Some people find the idea of using fake flowers cheap and unattractive. They’re probably thinking of the florals of the past, which were often made with bright plastics that simply screamed fake. However, today’s florals are incredibly life like. The colors match perfectly with real leaves, and many are even textured to feel real as well. The shading and even discoloration of parts of the leaves, stems, berries and flowers is done to match the inconsistencies you’d find in nature.

Using Florals in your Home

While you may love to have fresh flowers when you can get them in Richmond, TX, there’s nothing wrong with supplementing those fresh flowers with custom florals or using nothing but custom florals in the winter. Our small arrangements are perfect for adding a bit of green to a bookshelf, end table, or desk. Want to go bigger? We have large, potted florals that you can place in entryways or in a corner to give it a bit of decoration.

As always, many of our florals are on display in our Katy, TX store, and one of our experts will always be glad to help you create a custom floral.


Custom Florals Photos