Custom Pillows

Adding custom pillows to your bed, sofa, or chair is a nice way of adding both a little extra color and a little more comfort. Throw pillows look great in any home in Katy, TX, but with our custom pillows, you’ll be able to select exactly what you’re looking for as far as size, color, pattern and more. Let us create for you the perfect custom pillows to match your bedding, sofa, or décor. We guarantee you’ll love the finished product!

A Wide Selection of Pillows

If you want to add a few decorative pillows to your Richmond, TX, house, first you need to decide where you need them. Adding more pillows to your sofa can be nice, but if you have too many, it can be somewhat difficult to sit there. Look at the furniture you use most often and decide how many pillows you might need there. We have some smaller pillows that might be a a better fit on a chair than a large one that you have to move before you sit down. Large or small, we have the perfect pillows for you.

We’ve also got a wide range of colors. This is perfect for those who like to change up their color schemes for each season. During the Spring, you might want to take a look at some of our lighter colored pillows, while in the Fall, you may want to put those away and put out some darker red, yellow, or orange pillows. Of course, you want pillows that will match your décor, too.

If you’re looking primarily for decorative pillows, we have pillows with beads and other unique additions that really draw the eye and look great. Of course, we’ve got functional pillows that are incredibly comfortable and perfect for those afternoon naps on the couch.

Come visit our store in Katy, TX, to take a look at all our pillows and put in your custom order today.


Custom Pillows Photos