The lighting in a room can make all the difference.  Full, natural lighting may be what everyone wants in their Katy, Fulshear or Richmond, TX home, but when the sun goes down or it’s cloudy, you have to have some nice lights to switch on.  While some people see lighting as just a functional part of their home, others see it as a chance to add another touch of their personality to a room.  If you’re looking for a new chandelier, light fixture, or other type of lighting, we’ve got you covered.

Multiple Types of Lighting

There are many different types of lighting you can use in a home in Richmond, TX.  The type of lighting you want often depends on the room you’re using it in and the overall look of that room.

Chandeliers are usually used in dining rooms and entryways, although you can use them anywhere.  This type of lighting can range from fairly plain to very ornate. Some use special bulbs that are different sizes from other fixtures, while other make use of standard bulbs but use fancy shades to disguise them.

Track lighting is a good option for rooms like the kitchen. Most track lighting includes three adjustable lights that you can point at any area. The only downside is that you have to have space to install the lighting.

Bare bulbs are very bright and can be too much for many rooms, but they’re often what you want in a bathroom. When placed around the mirror, they provide a great amount of light, and that can be very helpful for women who wear makeup.

Dimmable lighting is nice in the bedroom and living room.  You can adjust the amount of light put out, letting you dim it during movies or when you aren’t feeling well. You do have to make sure you get the right type of bulbs, though, because standard bulbs may not dim correctly.

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