Plantation Shutters

Are you looking for something that looks different from mini-blinds yet still lets you adjust the amount of light that comes into a room? If so, you may want to  take a look at our plantation shutters.  They’re a stylish and elegant addition to any home in Richmond, Fulshear or katy, TX.

Plantation Shutters vs. Blinds

On first glance, plantation shutters do appear to be blinds made from wood or faux wood. Of course, blinds can be made from wood, too. One of the biggest differences between the two is in the look. Plantation shutters look much more stylish. They’re definitely a step up from plastic mini-blinds, and even wooden blinds don’t look quite as nice. They also don’t have those annoying cords that tangle or break.These cords can be a safety concern for parents with young children. Instead, a crossbar controls the opening and closing of the shutters.

Plantation Shutters Photos

  • curtain call interiors drapery photo
  • curtain call interiors drapery photo
  • curtain call interiors drapery photo

Reduce Energy Costs

Plantation shutters can be installed without any top treatments, nor do they need to be paired with curtains, although they can be. With blinds, there’s no insulation, so some people dd curtains over them to help reduce the amount of energy they have to use to keep their Richmond, TX home comfortable. However, planation shutters are actually very good insulators. They block out sunlight, keeping the home cooler in the summer, all while keeping the warm or cool air inside. Plantation shutters are available for skylights, too.

Privacy Without Limits

You know how warm it can get in Fulshear, TX. Many people like to have their windows open to let in a breeze, but to do that, you may have to sacrifice your privacy. Plantation shutters give you the best of both worlds. You can open the shutters enough to let a breeze in, but as long as you don’t have them open completely, no one can see in. Some plantation shutters are even divided into two sections, so you can open the upper or lower section while leaving the other closed.

If you’re interested in learning more about plantation shutters, give us a call at (281) 978-6123. We have plantation shutters that will match all colors and trims.